Another Day and Still no Richer!

I don’t mind really I don’t in most situations, but, this has been a very trying year!

July 30th took my husband to the ER he had hurt his foot what we found out later scared me half to death! First, he didn’t want to worry me so he didn’t tell me for 6 months then when we found out we had to move he didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to add another worry, I don’t think he will make that mistake again he was very fortunate to have lived through this!   He had his left big toe amputated because a scratch became infected the infection kept getting worse and turned gangrene(smell was awful and knowing he could die from a simple scratch didn’t help any.  He has been off work for 6 weeks and while I have a go fund me page people either think it’s something hinky or don’t care if we survive at all…..I just tell people help if you can if you can’t pray for my family.  We are barely making it plus trying to move in the next 6 weeks, life is never dull.  IT’s almost healed as you can see this is where he is after 6 weeks of healing and we still don’t know when he can go back to work.  I know it’s not the worst place I could be he could have died leaving us to live in the street, he didn’t he is still here Thank God!

I am not having a pity party, at times I am scared about where we will move and how we will move there, but, I do believe that God Provides and will continue to take care of us.

When you feel at your lowest just remember 2 things someone else has it worse than you and if you let God lead you it will be ok!

A Lesson in Patience

Christmas Eve I thought my vacuum was broke, it wasn’t just impatience.  Today Christmas day I fixed it God is Great!

Now for my readers (optimistically I hope I will have readers)Do you not craft but inherited yarn?

I have a reason for asking, I have decided to help others with the talents God has given me, I will be making blankets for Project Linus that takes yarn and I am 54 and disabled so I can use your help.

I don’t know if I will ever have any luck with making things to sell like anyone I hope so but I will try with grace to accept anything God presents to me.

Worsted weight #4 or Sport weight #3 only

You can use the email link below:

Email Me Here

God Bless you for reading this 🙂

Dawn of a New Day!

I am a budding designer and would like to sell my patterns.  I will make them for you if you prefer and will as much as possible make in colors of your choice.  Remember the parents to be may have non traditional colors in mind I can also work with this.

I will get my available patterns up soon after Christmas….getting my family taken care of so I can take care of yours.

All patterns have been created with much work and love please respect that and not share my hard work.

Purchase a pattern for yourself or a friend I will email it directly to them with password.

Unless requested otherwise I will make the pattern in pdf format.

Have an idea in mind if you can find something close I will try and make it.  If you prefer knitted items I knit also.

Give me a chance to meet your needs don’t be afraid to make suggestions.  If I can imagine it I can usually make it some designs are classics and may look like others but I won’t sell another designers work as my own if I make something from another persons pattern then they will receive appropriate credit.  If you buy my patterns buy with the knowledge that a lot of hard work and thought have gone into it.  Want to make things from my patterns to give to charity GREAT!   Want to sell what you make I ask only that you give me proper credit for the pattern and use your own pictures if you are selling it online.